Amy Kress

Globe Hall Presents

Amy Kress

Shilo Gold, Kaia Kena, Twin Flame Medicine

Sunday, 5/21

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

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Amy Kress
Ever since she could remember, Amy Kress has been a musician at heart. It’s a language she speaks fluently, something that became immediately apparent when she released her debut album, Secret Music, in January 2015. At the tender age of 8 Kress wrote her first song and never stopped writing, what she lacked was the confidence to play her music for an audience. It took a breast cancer diagnosis in 2011 to make Kress realize that her dream to share her music needed to be realized before it was too late. Things got interesting when Glenn Sawyer of The Spot Studios in Lakewood, CO took notice of the fledgling artist’s demo online and invited her for a tour of his studio. It was a fortuitous meeting and Kress and Sawyer working along with fellow The Spot producer Rich Veltrop, spend the next several months making music with the result being the aptly named Secret Music. With the help of manager, Joel Rekiel, Kress has been working to expand her reach online and was planning a U.S. tour when she was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time in September 2014. A much longer and difficult treatment plan left Kress unable to do much more than eat, sleep and make music. “Being in an emotionally primed state like I was made the music flow. I would just sit at the piano for hours and play. It was my meditation and my release.” says Kress of the time she has dubbed her “Chemo Chrysalis.” “I was sick all winter and finished my treatments just as the spring came. I felt reborn with the season.”

In February 2015 Kress launched a remix contest via Soundcloud for her single Numb. The two month long contest yielded over 100 astounding remixes from which Kress chose 10 winners. Producers from the U.S., Scotland, Italy, Mexico and, Germany, among others can find their winning remix compiled on one of two savvily packaged remix albums. Kress adds a touch of whimsy in the cover art of the two compilations splitting her floating image between the two cases, which with everything from dubstep, and bollywood to accordion and string fields, Amy Kress’s remix compilation has an exciting variety of takes on the same song.

From playing intimate performances at the Meadowlark and Denver Syntax Physic Opera to performing at the Larimer Lounge or The Walnut Room, it’s the live interaction from fans that moves Amy Kress to perform at her peak. Deep down inside, she’s still surprised that her songs can captivate people, yet many are turning their heads and giving attention to this mile high artist. The big-sounding chorus on “Numb” and the wide appeal of songs like “The Crush” and “Saturday” are winning listeners over by leaps and bounds. Kress’s acoustic performances of her new material have gained a lot of attention in the recent months and her song titled Silent Words won a place on the winners compilation for Colorado’s COMBO’s songwriting contest.

For her next effort, Kress had been re-tuning her overall sound and has presented her new music as both a solo act and as a three piece grouping of keys, cello and drums. Kress’s adaptation of Iceland for the trio helped to create an intimate grouping for the private performance. Filmed by Jeramey Johnson, this visually stunning work was shot in Kress’s own backyard. A full moon softly illuminates more than a dozen comfortable couches scattered about her yard. Kress wore a teal strapless evening gown that echoed the deep blue color lighting her huge branching tree. Glass jars filled with candles hung from it’s light wrapped branches and provided the backdrop for the stage.

The unique setting of the show can not be overstated and fans are waiting anxiously for a glimpse of what Kress is bringing to the table next.

Born in Calgary, Canada, Kress became an Aramco Brat when her family moved to Saudi Arabia from the time she was 5 until the age of 12. She moved to the United States in 2001 during the unforgettable week of 9/11, and settled into Colorado, a state she loved so much she never left. Kress is a mother of two children and has a house full of rescue animals. She has a Great Dane and a terrier named Daisy and Molly respectively and two cats, General Rufus of the U.S.S. Samuel L. Jackson and Captain Nigel Shabbadoo, Destroyer of Worlds, all of whom she chronicles on an instagram page under daisyandmollydog.

Recently diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, Kress has pulled back on her music for the time being. While still actively writing Kress is making public performances more of an occasional thing. “I like the idea of the secret house show” says Kress. “I loved that we put on an absolutely unique evening that no one expected. It was a really magical experience and it would be amazing to do more shows like that.”

We certainly hope that Kress will host another such event in the near future.
Shilo Gold
If Eva Cassidy and Nina Simone had a musical love-child Shilo Gold would be it. Colorado based blues for the soul.
Kaia Kena
Kaia is a singer/songwriter living and performing in Boulder, Colorado. She grew up just south of Denver where she began writing songs at age 12 with influences such as Brooke Fraser, JJ Heller, Bethany Dillon and Mindy Smith. Combining soulful lyrics with a soothing voice, lyrical piano, and percussive guitar, Kaia writes with passionate and profound intent that can touch any audience.
Twin Flame Medicine
Twin Flame Medicine is a force of soul, groove, and good vibration. Lead singer and baritone ukulele player, Monalicious, keeps it real with her raw lyrics and chill captivating vocals. Bass player, Swirl, holds down the groove and weaves intricate melodies on his 5-string bass. Drummer, Galaxy Bill, is a groove master with deep pockets. Together they create a warm atmosphere for all to enjoy.
Venue Information:
Globe Hall
4483 Logan Street
Denver, CO, 80216