Spencer Sutherland with Justice Carradine / YaSi

Spencer Sutherland

Justice Carradine, YaSi

Ages 16+
The Globe Hall Presents

Spencer Sutherland

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For Spencer Sutherland, the alt-soul singer whose brand of head-nodding, heart-rending, room-shaking pop songs is quickly establishing him as one of the big names to watch in the genre, the key to his success is in simply being himself.

“What I’ve learned so far is to be a real person,” Sutherland says. “When I first started singing I tried to be something I wasn’t; I wore masks trying to be a pop star and it never connected. I was confused. But when I figured out who I was as a person, I figured out who I was as an artist. It was all about being genuine all the time. It’s really important to be yourself.”

Justice Carradine


Venue Information:
Globe Hall
4483 Logan Street

Denver, CO, 80216