Red Shahan/ Alright Alright / White Rose Motor Oil
Globe Hall Presents

Red Shahan

Alright Alright, White Rose Motor Oil

Red Shahan at Globe Hall on Saturday, August 31

Red Shahan

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Red Shahan has covered a hell of a lot of ground in the three years since the release of his debut, Men and Coyotes. The red-headed troubadour with the lonesome howl and penchant for somber portraits of busted boom towns and gritty, white-knuckled anthems has built a loyal audience the old-fashioned way: organically, from the ground up. His new album Culberson County (Thirty Tigers) is proudly rooted heart, mind, and soul in the West Texas earth from which he sprang. And yes, he’s still got a thing for coyotes, hearing in their wild cries not just the music of wide open spaces, but a defiant note of stubborn resiliency that speaks to his own instincts as a hardscrabble independent artist compelled to write about the all-too-often unsung — and unseen.

Alright Alright


Alright Alright is an eclectic folk band who create powerful connections with audiences through honest stories performed with grit and heart. Influenced by a wide variety of musical genres and drawing on life experience gained from being married and parents, this vibrant duo has been building a catalogue of music since 2005. While China is a Vanderbilt-trained pianist with 30+ years of musical experience, Seth is a self-taught musician who relies on instinct and intuition. This unexpected combination takes listeners on an emotional journey they will want to take again and again.

White Rose Motor Oil

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WRMO is a two piece Americana / Alt-Country / Garage Country band with female vocals from Denver, CO. (Featuring former members of The Hollyfelds and The Jekylls)

Venue Information:
Globe Hall
4483 Logan Street
Denver, CO, 80216