Rally Round The Family - Rage Against The Machine Tribute
Globe Hall Presents - BBQ Opens at 5pm

Rally Round The Family - Rage Against The Machine Tribute

Brothers Of Brass

Ages 16+
Rally Round The Family at Globe Hall - Saturday, December 28th, 2019

Rally Round The Family


Rally 'Round the Family came together because they realized there was a want and need in both Colorado and the rest of the world for the music of Rage Against the Machine in a Live setting. Therefore, in March of 2012 Rally 'Round the Family was born.

Rally 'Round the Family is here to Rage and only performs to Rock as a hard as possible while providing top quality versions of Rage Against the Machine songs.

Brothers Of Brass

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The Brothers of Brass has its roots in the chance meeting and collaboration of two street performers on The 16th Street Mall in Denver, Colorado.

Khalil Simon started busking with his friends in Atlanta in 2014. They started from very humble roots, sharing horns, until they had saved enough money to get horns for everyone, and using public WiFi to look up music charts for their repertoire. They called their band the Brothers of Brass and at the time it consisted of just 2-3 horn players. Early on they learned that busking event egresses paid better than grinding for hours on a street corner, they started with baseball egresses but soon expanded to playing outside of concerts and any other events with a large crowd. When baseball season ended they decided to travel the country to search for other events and cities to busk.

Venue Information:
Globe Hall
4483 Logan Street
Denver, CO, 80216