Globe Hall Presents -

Native Daughters

Star Garbage, Limbwrecker, Despair Jordan, BBQ OPENS AT 5PM

Ages 16+
Globe Hall Presents NATIVE DAUGHTERS on Friday, April 3--


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Native Daughters’ sound packs many of the body blows from heavy, riff-based post-metal. But it also draws melodies and rhythmic tension from the cream of the mid-90s emo/post-punk crop. Think Christie Front Drive covering Kyuss after the PA has blown out, and you’re on the right track. There are a few of the twinkly guitar leads and crushing breakdowns which are hallmarks of these divergent styles. But each are used as building blocks, not crutches or go-to elements. The middle ground between the two seems impossibly wide, but Native Daughters’ sound sharpens it into something lethal. Equal parts blunt force trauma and tense, swirling heartbreak; you won’t know what hit you, but you’ll be glad that it did.

Star Garbage


Despair Jordan

Venue Information:
Globe Hall
4483 Logan Street
Denver, CO, 80216