Mike Ring / Pie Lombardi
Globe Hall Presents - BBQ opens at 5pm

Mike Ring

Pie Lombardi, Melody In Heart, Eli Pafumi (of RitaRita)

Ages 18+
Mike Ring at Globe Hall - Sunday, December 1st, 2019

Mike Ring

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Between its driving rhythms, vocal panache, and melodies designed to hook deep, a careless listener might think Mike Ring's music is simply bombastic indie-pop. While the 27-year-old Colorado songwriter powers his songs with an infectious energy—both in his highly polished recordings and manic live show—his true artistic stamp is honesty and intimacy of his lyrics. Ring's lyrical voice is bold and unique, finding deep emotional resonance in sharp, elegant images and straightforward language. His ability to wrestle with themes of love, family, longing, and hope with clarity and immediacy drive the verve of his music.

Pie Lombardi

Melody In Heart

Eli Pafumi (of RitaRita)

Venue Information:
Globe Hall
4483 Logan St.
Denver, CO, 80216